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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fun With Parasites And Other Icky Stuff

Warning: The following You Tube videos are not for the squeamish.

And now...on to the fun!

In this video, a woman from the UK returned from a vacation in Costa Rica with a parasite - a maggot (how lovely!), actually larvae- in her head transmitted by a mosquito carrying eggs from a

Original You Tube URL.

- - - - -

This person has a worm removed from their eye:

Original You Tube URL.

- - - - -

The anus of this person or animal (commenters at the original URL noted it didn't appear to be a human colon) is full of pinworms:

Original You Tube URL.

If you're not yet disgusted enough, read about
Guinea Worm Disease and View some images of the worm exiting the body.

Spaghetti, anyone?

Dude, you got to get a job, man! You've got way too much free time on your hands. That's just effing nasty!
You're not fooling anyone, Drake. These are shots of Nancy Pelosi at the botox clinic. It's obvious.
I spent almost a year in Honduras. Too bad I didn't get one.
Now I'm hungry.
disgusting. why are you subjecting us to this?
Apey - Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhsh! Don't give away my trade secrets! The third video is a nice one of Pelosi, tho, isn't it?
Dick...makes me hungry too---BBQ'd larvae and pin worms. With ketchup, of course!
anony - just doing my part to spread awareness of botfly larvae, worms and pinworms.
Modesto - this stuff was some of the lesser disgusting things about parasites on you tube. You've given me the idea to post - at a later date - some of the really grotesque ones.
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