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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Does The BBC Hate America?

Former BBC journalist Robin Aitken has written a book titled, "Can We Trust The BBC?".

He recounts the following story from a story in This Is London: (emphasis mine)

    Working at the BBC can be a strange experience. On occasions during my 25 years as a journalist with the corporation it was jaw-dropping.

    In 1984 I returned to BBC Scotland after covering the Tory conference in Brighton. The IRA had come close to assassinating Margaret Thatcher with a bomb and the country was in shock. Apart, that is, from some of my BBC colleagues. "Pity they missed the bitch," one confided to me.

    For three decades I was that rare breed - a Conservative at the BBC. In my time working on programmes such as Today and Breakfast News I couldn't have formed a cricket team from Tory sympathisers.

    As one producer put it, you feel almost part of an ethnic minority.

    We all know the cliched critique of the BBC: a nest of Lefties promoting a progressive agenda and political correctness.


    In 1999 the news was dominated by Nato's war against Serbia. The BBC was supportive, in contrast to its sceptical attitude to the Falklands and the first Gulf wars.

    Why the difference? At the time Tony Blair enjoyed uncritical support within the BBC, as did President Bill Clinton.


    Within the BBC, opinion ran strongly against the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

    Most staff felt war was unjustified; feelings intensified by their contempt for President George Bush.


    It is worth bearing in mind what happens if someone at the BBC breaks ranks.

    In 2004, TV presenter Robert Kilroy-Silk wrote about the Arab people and asked: "What do they think we feel about them? That we adore them for the way they murdered more than 3,000 civilians on September 11 and then danced in their hot, dusty streets to celebrate the murders? That we admire them for being suicide bombers, limb amputators, women repressors?"

    Kilroy-Silk's TV career ended the next week.

    In a statement, the BBC's director of television, Jana Bennett, said: "Presenters of this type of programme have a responsibility to uphold the BBC's impartiality.


    The BBC is a profoundly influential opponent of nearly everything conservatives believe, with the Right forced to accede feebly to the Left-liberal consensus.

I often link to stories appearing on BBC News. I also watch their half-hour syndicated news program which is aired in the U.S. mostly on Public Television Stations...no big surprise there. While I do detect a bias of it leaning leftward, I don't see the egregious examples noted by Mr. Aitken. This does not mean I doubt him or what he says about his previous employer.

It is not surprising at all that Tony Blair enjoyed a political career free from criticism in his homeland as well as the USA. Blair only became "Bush's poodle" when the Left - in both the UK and US - decided that that moniker would advance their political ideology of Liberalism.

Double-standards are alive and well anywhere and any place inhabited by the Left, sadly because it is all they know. They cannot compete in the arena of ideas and policy-making, nor are they able to accept that the answer or solution to a problem may indeed be proffered by someone who isn't a member of their team.


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