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Friday, June 15, 2007

Bush Approval Rating Drops In Poll, Congress Approval Rating Drop Even Lower

President George Bush's job approval rating has sunk to 29 percent in a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll [...] The poll released Wednesday shows Congress' approval rating has fallen to 23 percent.

Same story, different source.

Bush has a 6 point edge over - at least since the tracking of Presidential Approval Ratings, since 1950 - over Harry Truman, who ranked the lowest approval rating of 23% . And note the chart on the link...Bush is the only - the only - president since 1950 to have an approval rating of 90%, followed by...his father, George H.W. Bush, coming in second with 89%.


I think I've given up on polls. I like them when they're in agreement with me... of course... and it bothers me when they go against what I think.

But that's how I FEEL and it's how many people FEEL. We hate it when polls tell us we're "wrong" or on the wrong side.

The thing is... I've pretty much given up on them outright because I don't know when it's truth or fiction. The polls tell me how much America doesn't like Bush or how much we want to abandon the war effort, etc.

No one asks me!

And quite frankly, I think the polls are very deceiving because of the way the questions are worded. They could say "do you think we should end the war" and if a person says "yes", then it's deemed that they really said "Bush is a moron and we need to get out of Iraq and flee to our own soil and never again help another country". So... the polls say Bush is bad.

I don't believe them. I think Bush is getting bad reviews from all sides but the questions are still deceiving and it looks like all of America is against him and blames him for everything. It's easy to blame any president in power... very easy.
I basically agree with you on polls.

I only do posts like this to irritate the Lefties who are so quick to point out when Bush's poll numbers drop - they seize on it like Ted Kennedy seizes upon free booze.

The Left is fit to be tied for many reasons. They still resent losing the 2000 and 2004 elections. And they are extremely bitter that the Dems they voted into office in '06 lied to them about "immediately stopping the war". If the Dem leaders want to end the war, let them have the balls to defund the Military. Then watch their political party vanish from the face of the earth.

Thanks for visiting Bug. Request: More photos of that adorable puppy you got recently on your blog. She is such a cutie!
More photos coming... I've been posting them in order of her age down the left side of the page but I'll put more in an actual post pretty soon. I just took some of her in the pool today! Yup... we have a huge back-yard pool... you should see it.

My boyfriend said that very thing... if the democrats are so upset about the war, why don't they cut off the funding for it. Answer: because they are ready and willing to jump on which ever fence the American people want them to sit on... unfortunately, they don't know which one to jump too because of these so-called polls. :o)
i visited yesterday and saw the new pics. She is really growing!

Total agreement with you and your BF on the dems and the war.

THANKS for posting the new pics of who is soon to be the boss of the house! She's adorable.
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