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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tiepose And Phixes

I need to apologize - and accept most of the responsibility - in recent typos and such that have appeared in the last few posts.

The Blogger system, which is free - and I thank them for providing those of us who use their service - is changing a few of the way they do things and trying out new gizmos and gadgets.

One of these items is how those of us using Blogger go about saving our Draft articles prior to publishing. And my "Save" has a few hiccups in it and this is also a small part of the problem.

I try to catch typos, font size errors and glitches, etc as well as I can, but some do indeed fall between the cracks.

Is there a Democrat out there who may want to sponsor a special program for me because of this proofreading disability from which I appear to be suffering?

I just htought d'I mention this in case some of you were owndering s'tahw pu. ! sknahT

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