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Monday, May 07, 2007

Spencer Tunick: Photographer Or Perv?

What am I not understanding here? Tunick convinced 18,000 some Mexicans to pose naked for yet another one of his staged photos. He's done the same thing in other cities across the world. Look, do you really want to be standing behind some naked guy or gal - or in some cases of his work, kneeling three feet away - from their possibly stinky and rank arse?

I'm no prude, I don't care that they were naked. But is convincing large groups of people to toss off all their clothes and then photograph them "qualify" as art?

I'd like to think I know a little about art and what's not art. Regular readers know I love the works of Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali and Edvard Munch. I also admire the art of geniuses such as Francis Bacon and Henri Matisse.

Michelangelo...one of the greatest to have graced the art world - ever.

di Marcovaldo...again...phenomenal.

Ansel Adams and portrait artist Yousuf Karsh were blessed with a magic eye for photography.

These are a few of the artists whose work I personally like and that make me marvel at their God-given talent.

Is it art just because a bunch of people are standing around nekkid? Sounds more like a Pasolini film to me. And I like Pasolini, so I'm not dissin' him by saying that.

But getting a bunch of people to strip and take their photo? I dunno...I don't "get" why it's art. What do you think?


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Let me guess....hmmm....sounds like a typical American response. Right? Of course you realize if this happened in America it’s have turned into another record: 18,001 felony convictions in federal court, with a life sentence handed down to Spencer Tunick for creating a terrorist event (or at least homeland security and the FBI orchestrating the arrests). So now even historically conservative and politically repressive Mexico has surpassed the increasingly prudish America in both social and real freedoms. What an embarrasssment.
"Look, do you really want to be standing behind some naked guy or gal - or in some cases of his work, kneeling three feet away - from their possibly stinky and rank arse?"

That was one of the first things that occurred to me when I saw that article. You've got thousands of people sweating out in the sun, and who knows how many of them have had a chile and bean burrito for lunch that is working up a good head of steam in their guts.
Dear Arne Paul,

Let me guess...hmmmm....you talk out of your ass without bothering to research what you write.

Spencer Tunick did indeed do a large-group nude photo on June 26 2004 Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

A simple google search would have allowed you to learn this, Mr. Paul - but no - talking out of your ass is always what come naturally for you.

What an embarrassment.

Arne, what's it like to be such a fucking dipshit? Please comment again and let me - an others - know.
Hey BobG - yep, you nailed with chile and bean burrito. HA!

Coincidentally, the expellatory orifice of those fumes is what above commenter Arne Paul uses to speak from.

Thanks Bob for making the point of the post all so much more salient.
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