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Friday, May 25, 2007

One Hit News

Iran continues defying UN sanctions on its atomic development. Pakistan Observer

Iran Three to five years from atomic bomb. al-JaDemocratz
- - - - -
Islamist militants continue fighting Lebanon's Troops. BBC (Why, can't they diplomatically talk their differences out?)
- - - -

China contaminated pet food...Is Toothpaste next? BBC
- - - - -
Cod Liver Oil maybe not be so good for you, after all. Aftenposten (You mean the smell and taste of it wasn't enough to convince you?)
- - - - -
Rats plaguing Copenhagen. The Copenhagen Post (Anyone seen Mickey Mouse there?)
- - - - -
The Hijab: Fashion blast from the past or oppression of women through clothing? You decide! Iran Free Press
- - - - -
Wealthy New York Couple charged with holding two women captive as sexual slaves. Jakarta Post

as you are a loyal american, truly, i invite you to come follow the link in my update on my post. it goes straight to the whitehouse to an executive order drafted by bush that replaces the prior federal emergency act, and the only real difference between the new and the old one, is the new one cuts out the oversight of congresss, in fact, they are not even mentioned. which means bush can now become our dictator when he gets (or sets up) the excuse.

as an old nixon guy, you won't believe it. we may be in deep crap my friend, as cuba is starting to look good.
I'll take a look at your post and the link. It sounds like a crazed Liberal conspiracy theory to me, though.

Rev, the Left said Bush would declare Marshall law prior to the 2004 election. Didn't happ.

The Left said the Repubs would STEAL the 2004 election and wind up with a huge margin as the majority. Didn't happ.

The Left said the U.S. would attack Iran on Good Friday of this year. Didn't Happ.

WHO's playing the FEAR CARD?

I concede that Cuban cigars are the finest in the world.
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