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Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

For the Veterans who served yesterday,
And for the Veterans who serve today,
And for the Veterans who will serve tomorrow :

We have you to Thank for our Freedom, and only You.

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The National Memorial Day Parade
Society of the Honor Guard: Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - A Must Read


thanks for remembering dave.
Thanks and you're welcome. I'm a USAF vet ('88-'92) and my oldest son enlisted last year in the Navy. He's leaving in September.
Rev: Always remember. Thank you, too.
Digital Brownshirt,

Thank you for your service! As well as the upcoming tour of duty by your son. Thank you, both - very much.

My thoughts and prayers will be with him, as are they will all Service Men and Women, Active or Retired. No finer Men and Women will be found.

Thanks for visiting and commenting. Stay in touch and be well!
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