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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dems Gettin' Crazy With The Cheez Whiz?

Are the Dems Crazy with the Cheez Whiz...or WHAT ?!

From Politico.com: (bolding mine)

    The new Democratic majority's zeal for congressional investigations goes well beyond Alberto Gonzales and the fired federal prosecutors.

    Aided by a new investigative team including a former mob prosecutor and a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter, Democrats have launched more than three dozen probes of the administration ranging from the White House to obscure agency heads. The House Oversight Committee alone has conducted 20 investigations.


    ... many more (hearings) are mundane: inefficiency at the federal crop insurance program or conflicts of interest in FDA contracting. Some are pragmatic, such as an examination of food safety following outbreaks of illness caused by contaminated peanut butter and spinach.

Making mountains out of molehills, all for the political agenda of Liberalism. Time to officially blame Bush for the spinach and peanut butter. Good move, Dems, good move. More Dog and Pony Shows.

Go to the Politico link and read the rest of it.


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