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Monday, April 02, 2007

The Senate Wayback Machine

Harry Reid and Russy Fussy Feingold ready to Slow Bleed the Troops.

Harry Reid Threatens to Cut Funding of Troops.

Oh...they support the Troops...they just don't approve of the War. Uh-huh...yeah...right.

It's not that Senate and House Democrats don't know history, therefore condemning themselves to repeating its mistakes. They do know history and do nothing but continue repeating all the disasters of the micromanaging of Vietnam.

    Democrats shot back that they'll go beyond nonbinding resolutions against the troop buildup in the months ahead, including efforts to attach strings to war appropriations.

    "You can run but you can't hide," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. "They can maybe stop us temporarily from debating the escalation. They're not going to stop us from debating Iraq."(1)

"...including efforts to attach strings to war appropriations." Does that not sound exactly like the recent pork-laden Senate and House bills just last month?

It's so clear that House and Senate Democrats will stop at nothing to defund the Troops, Slow Bleed the Troops and load up any bill funding the Troops with ridiculous and insane amounts of pork. All this for no other reason than advancing their agenda of preventing a build-up of Troops and ultimately instigating their defeatist strategy of Cut and Run and Slow Bleed.

There is no "debating Iraq" as Reid stated above. "Debating" is his euphemism for pulling the rug out from under the Troops. "Debating" is the Democrat's way of saying "we will only accept our methodology and we will not entertain any ideas but our own."

The Left cannot change who they are, a group of anti-Military pacifists. They'd like to pull the wool over our eyes and pretend to be strong supporters of the Military, but they are not. When Dems wrap themselves in the flag and a pro-Military mindset it rings as hollow as hollow can get.

The Left thought it could win the 2004 presidential election by propping up Senator John Kerry's Vietnam Military service. The Left constantly reminds us of Wesley Clark's Military Service. The Left ran and won a Senate seat by propping up Virginia's JimBob BobbyJim Webb's Military service. Hillary Clinton, who spent decades thumbing her nose at the Military, now pretends to be strong on defense. Nanny Pelosi took a trip to Iraq and Afghanistan not long ago. John Murtha's Military service is always noted by the Lefties. What rank and unmitigated hypocrisy.

The pro-Military stance from the Left is nothing but subterfuge, used for no other purpose than winning an election for their candidate.

There is no room for compromising with the Democrats who are dead-set on a strategy of Cutting and Running and Slow Bleeding. What do you think Reid meant when he said, "to attach strings to war appropriations"?

Whatever it takes to undercut the Military for the Democrat's political agenda, right Harry?


1-Columbus Ledger-Enquirer.com, February 5, 2007 "Senate Debate On Iraq Stalls" by Margaret Talve

I am glad to see you support our troops. I trust we can count on your support.

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i gotta garee with your overall take on the dems, but is it not possible that there are a few of them that want to cut our losses and get the hell out of there? maybe just a few that will fight a worthy fight, but consider iraq a money pit at best? come on, just a few? anyone?

not even webb?
Tammara - A worthy endeavor indeed. Thank you for what you are doing for our troops.
Rev - WWMPD?

What would Mister Peabody Do?

I think Dems in general have been overshawdowed by the 5% Lunatic Left Fringe and I do NOT judge all Dems by applying the standard of the Looney Left. Most Dems are decent and fair. The 5%'ers are giving the whole party a bad name just as the 5% of Crazy, Whacked, Right Wing Religious Fringe give Conservatives a bad name.

Any nation going to war has their plan, a back-up plan, and another back-up plan. And when the rubber hits the road most of those plans bite the reality dust - sad but true. Unless you're Truman and dropping bombs on Japan as a last resort - you know, failing all "diplomacy".

Dems and Repubs have to come together on this war, the Dems have to "give" and realize that their answers are not the only ones that will work - they won't. Dems have GOT to moderate themselves on the issue of the war. Until they do, we can look forward to this going on without any positive conclusion.
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