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Friday, April 06, 2007

Ed Schultz Bashes The British Sailors

The British Sailors, who were released after being held hostage by Iran, are telling the world how they were treated by the Iranians.

Many on Liberal Talk Radio - specifically dumb, fat, ignorant, alcoholic, dog-shooting Ed Schultz and his cadre of uninformed, unintelligent, biased, dumbass Liberal callers - is comparing the treatment of the British Sailors to that of the treatment of terrorist suspects that the U.S. is detaining at Gitmo.

One caller, 28 minutes into the second hour, questioned the legitimacy of how the Brits say they were treated as hostages by Iran. Yep, there's nothing quite like siding with, and giving the benefit of the doubt, to the enemy; right caller?

The British Sailors say they were blindfolded, hands bound behind them and made to face a wall while hearing weapons being cocked, as if they were about to be executed.

Apparently Schultz and his Liberal Klansmen see no difference between a suspected terrorist and the British Sailors. While this doesn't surprise me since the Left views everything through a prism of Left=good, Right=bad, it is both alarming and unjustifiable to compare the Brits to known and identified terrorists held at Gitmo.

Which would you prefer as your form of torture if you were captured? Being forced to wear panties on your head, piled up in a naked pyramid or a dog barking at you? Or being blindfolded, facing a wall while you hear the hammer being cocked on several rifles and guns in a what you don't know is a mock execution?

The Left sees no difference and makes no distinction between the brave members of the British Sailors and enemy combatants and terrorists at Gitmo. This is why the Left cannot be trusted to defend the U.S. and oversee the U.S. Military.

And Big Fat Eddy? Well, he just keeps talking out of his fat ass every day.



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