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Monday, March 26, 2007

INLAND EMPIRE: Yes, Yet Another Post On My Favorite Filmmaker David Lynch

I finally got around to seeing David Lynch's latest film, INLAND EMPIRE, on Sunday afternoon. It's fascinating, engrossing, captivating, absorbing and 110% totally Lynchian.

It's remarkable and impressive. It stars Laura Dern, Jeremy Irons, Justin Theroux and Lynch regular - the marvelous - Harry Dean Stanton.

I would be hard-pressed to describe the story or plotline. It may or may not be about an actress who is, or was, a prostitute. It may or may not be about a prostitute who is, or was, an actress. It may or may not be about parallel lives. It is - I think it is - about characters who have self-identity problems or who have self-delusional issues. Or maybe not.

Its visual texture is beautiful, as are all of Lynch's films. The musical score by longtime Lynch music collaborator Angelo Badalamenti is fantastic.

If you're a Lynch fan and have not yet seen it, check it out.

If you have seen it, and you have an idea about what INLAND EMPIRE is about, by all means leave a comment and let me know.

David Lynch

INLAND EMPIRE (French Trailer)

I loved the film too! Pure Lynchian
David Lynch is actually hosting a special weekend in May, 25-27 at Maharishi University of Management. If you like David and his work you should check it out at http://lynchweekend.org/

Thanks and all the best!

Amine Kouider
Student Event Coordinator
Thanks for the information. The weekend event sounds great! Fairfeild isn't that far of a drive...ya got me thinking about attending!

Mr. Lynch is without a doubt a true original and auteur. His films rock and roll!
I thought the film was about a woman who was married, had an affair, her husband couldn't have children so when she told him she was pregnant she was either forced or decided herself to have an abortion. The film takes place after this decision and the movie star stuff is her idealized version of herself and life and the whore stuff is her most wretched parts of her psyche (i.e. she feels like a whore for having an affair). So its just her mentally trying to cope with killing her son (more back up for this is all the screwdriver in the womb stuff)

This is just my interpretation.

Hi Tracy, thanks for the info! A very interesting interpretation indeed, especially the screwdriver in the stomach/womb thought. Very interesting "take"!
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