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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Charlie Is Mad About Madeleine

What the hell is up with PBS teat sucker Charlie Rose? Is he in love with former Secretary of State Simon Bar Sinister Madeleine Albright...the woman who should be charged with war crimes for her rabid and unsatiated bloodlust in Kosovo.

Charlie, you just had her on your show in December. Did you cycle through every name in your guest Rolodex and return to the "A's" again? Why are you helping this woman push forth her agenda....okay, dumb question. Charlie is a big bleeding heart who worships at the Altar of Liberalism.

I couldn't watch it, just like most Rose programs repulse me to no end..an endless orgy of liberalism. Albright being the guest was enough to tip it past the repugnant and unwatchable phase.

Simon Bar Sinister and the Butcher of The Balkans. Tell me they weren't Separated At Birth!

And on a slightly related note, the Charlie Rose Bobblehead can be viewed HERE.


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