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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Big Bad Tough Jimbo Webb

Most of us have heard by now that Virginia Democrat- kiddie-p0rn writer-cum Senator, JimBob Webb, let his aide lackey Phillip Thompson take the rap for carrying Webb's unregistered and unlicensed pistol into the Senate Building. What's up with that, Jim Bob Jim?

Webb is the tough guy who said he would have "liked to slug President Bush."

Suddenly Meeester Machismo needs a gun? An unregistered and unlicensed weapon? Suddenly Meeester Vietnam Veteran needs a gun? Suddenly Meeester "I wore my son's combat boots during my campaign" needs a gun to...uh...feel manly? Who or what are you afraid of Jimmy-Jim-Bob-Bobby-Jim-Jim? And, if you're such a tough guy, why can't you just "slug" someone who is menacing you?

Look, I love guns, they're great. I grew up in a family where I hunted with my dad and my brothers. I hunted with friends. All of us did target practice. Most importantly, all of us had gun safety ingrained into our heads. All guns are treated as if they are loaded even when they are not. Guns are never pointed at anything unless you intend to pull the trigger. Period. Guns are not an item to treat casually or to play with as a toy. You don't spin one around on your finger playing wild, wild west.

Jim Jimmy Jim Bob Webb, Latest Cowboy of the Village People?

The story - and that's exactly what it is, a "story" - going around is that Jim Bob Jimbo Bobby Bob Webb gave the gun to lackey Thompson when Thompson drove Jim Bob Bobby Jim Jimbo Jimmybob Jim Bobby Webb to the airport and that Thompson forgot he was carrying the weapon when he entered the Senate building. Yeah, sure...uh-huh. Sorry, I'm not buying this. One does not simply "forget" they are carrying a loaded weapon any more than one "forgets" they are carrying a suitcase nuke. Or an infant.

There's something that's being covered up about this. There's something that's not being reported. Where's Cluck Schumer in calling for an investigation? Something is not right about this incident.

Was Jim-Bob-Jimbo-JimmyBob-BobJim Webb trying to have his unregistered and unlicensed weapon smuggled into the Senate for some ulterior motive? Was Jimbo BobbyJim JimmyBob Jim in cahoots with some unsavory types, perhaps using patsy Thompson to sneak in an unregistered and unlicensed gun to be used against a political opponent...?

Big-time "Rule of Law" combat boot-wearing, kiddie p0rn writing, president-slugging Vietnam Veteran, now Senator JimBob-BobbyJim-Jimbo-BoJim Webb tyring to covertly get his unregistered and unlicensed gun into the Senate. Hmmmmmmm...there's something more to this story and we're not being told what is the full story.

There's a cover-up going on about this story. Cluck...why so obviously absent in calling for an investigation?


One of the charges against the guy was un-registered ammo!
That's scary.
The gun laws in DC are beyond ridiculous, but hell, I have six years as a grunt and I don't carry a gun.
Then again, with some of my posts, maybe I should.
heh....you're not serious are you? Does one have to register ammo in DC? Christ...I wouldn't be surprised.
Dick...aren't all handguns banned in DC? I've lost track of all the BS that DC imposes on handguns, but I want to say I thought all handguns were banned in DC. Well, (AHEM), except for folks like JimBob Webb, right?
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