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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Anti-War Democrat Keith al-Ellison
Angers His Base, or: Continuing Adventures In The World of Left Wing Hypocrisy

Minnesota Democrat, and first Muslim elected to the House of Representative, Keith al-Ellison has angered his base when he voted FOR Friday's House Bill, H.R. 1591, to fund the Iraq War.

    "We're very disappointed, and some people in the peace movement will be pretty demoralized by this," said Marie Braun. [Braun has organized sit-ins at congressional offices in Minnesota to pressure lawmakers to vote against funding the war.]

    "We feel it unconscionable for anyone to vote for more money for this war," said Braun.

Bwa-ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh...someone stop me from laughing. My sides hurt! The Far Left critical of the Far Left! It simply does not get more comical than this.

How does al-Ellison excuse his vote to his constituents? Well, he puts the best Liberal spin on it that he possibly can by doing a Kerryesque version of "I voted for it before I voted against it."

Says al-Ellison:

    "I couldn't do what was going to please the crowd. I didn't enter the anti-war movement to please the crowd. And I didn't vote in favor of the benchmarks and the withdrawal date to please the crowd. I did it because I think it's in the best interest of peace."


    "There was a withdrawal vote, and there was a stay-the-course vote. And I am dead set against this war, and I have to do everything in my power to oppose it. So I have to vote for withdrawal."

Keith al-Ellison (pbuh!)

But Keith...you ran your campaign - and got elected - by promising the anti-war crowd you would do their bidding. You ran on doing nothing but pleasing the pacifists. Flip flop, flip flop, flip flop flip.

There was no "stay-the-course" vote in H.R. 1591. It offered members of the House an opportunity to vote FOR funding the war (with Pork-laden items attached to it) or against funding the war. Voting against H.R. 1591 was most certainly not a vote for staying the course. Spin, spin, spin 'til you're dizzy Keith!

So his mentality for voting for the war funding and the Pork attached to it was based on not "pleasing the crowd." Gee, that's so funny, because the Number One Thrust of his political campaign was to get out of Iraq at all and any cost.

So how are all of you anti-war Liberals feeling about al-Ellison's vote? Demoralized? Lied to? Misled? Heh heh heh! Oh, this is so rich. Richer than Bill Gates. Richer than The Donald. Richer than John D. Rockefeller in his prime!

You have to love Democrat hypocrisy, especially when an uber-Liberal like al-Ellison poops on the people who put him in office.

My, how forgiving the Liberals are when one of their own votes to fund the war. They'll self-rationalize and continue their self-delusional warped thinking and make every excuse in the book why "one of their own" didn't cast the vote that was expected of them. The Minneapolis district that al-Ellison represents could have gotten the exact same vote from a Republican. I wonder how forgiving they would have been of that Republican? Not very. Effigy burning - of course! A lengthy and loud sit-in at the politician's office - absolutely! Anti-war picketing at his or her home - de rigueur!

I didn't hear much of Liberal Talk Radio on Monday, but what I did hear...none of them were talking about al-Ellison's vote. So shallow, so hypocritical, so lame. So afraid to apply the standard that they apply to others to their own representatives and themselves.

It's funny when Democrats disappoint their own base. It's funny when Democrats cannibalize their own. Who knew this slim majority of Democrats in the 110th Congress would be such a sit-com hit only three months into the season?

Stay tuned for many further episodes of Democrats eating their own! We have 20 more months of this sad and pathetic, yet hilarious, sit-com to run.


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