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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What's up Big Eddy Schultz:
Why So Glum Today?

What's the matter Big Talker? Someone put the kibosh on your tasteless comments about Anna Nicole Smith and your moronic rants about AirHead America and XM Satellite?

Did some radio executive tell you, in no uncertain terms, that if you want to remain on the air you'd better talk about newsworthy topics and current events rather than making your program a platform for your personal issues and your cry-baby-rant-a-thon whining?

Did station managers field an overwhelming amount of calls from listeners whom you offended and alienated over the past three days?

Did the big New York AirHead America and Jones Network boys tell little Team Fargo to shape up and quit your bitching or you'd be talking only to the birds in your back yard?

Was it advertisers and sponsors who threatened to yank their underwriting from your program after you insulted them?

Big Ed was begging for calls, just begging for anyone to call him and talk.

Heh - "Oh Dat's So Sad!"



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