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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Support Your Local Boxer

Have you ever watched a boxing match? It doesn't matter whether you've seen on in person or viewed it on television and it doesn't matter if the match is professional or amateur.

Suppose one group of supporters for boxer 'A' steadfastly supports their man, jumping up and down cheering him on. No matter how many hits and blows their man takes, they keep encouraging and rooting him on. Boxer 'B's' supporters - on the other hand - shake their heads, a look of unyielding loss on their faces. They shout that their man can't win, that he's been hit too hard, that he doesn't have the resolve in him to win the match.

Do you suppose boxer 'A' receives positive reinforcement and drive from his supporters,
motivating him to win the match? Do you suppose that boxer 'B' feels rather abandoned by his supporters, asking himself who are these people who claimed they had faith in me; that said I could win?

How is the above scenario different from the lack of moral support of U.S. Troops shown by the Democrats and their idiotic Non-Binding resolution? Would you want these people in your corner? Would you have doubts about their sincerity, their
motivation, their lack of enthusiasm? Would you want these people backing your efforts?


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