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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Oh Those Liberals! A Neverending Saga

In the past the Libs point their finger of hypocrisy at former Drug Czar Bob Bennett for gambling! GASP! What they consciously omit is that he gambled in Vegas and Atlantic City where gambling is LEGAL. He also didn't gamble away his life savings or money the he couldn't afford to lose. Boy, that's just real terrible stuff, isn't it? Certainly far worse than Ted Kennedy's manslaughter, letting a woman drown while he went home, got a good night's sleep and then, the next day, reported the "accident" to the authorities. He also found time to procure a neck brace and make sure the press got photos of him wearing it.

The Libs like to point out Rush Limbaugh's prior Oxycontin addiction. GASP! Like any other addiction - alcohol, drugs, gambling...whatever - he got help for his problem. Boy, that's just real terrible stuff, isn't it? Certainly far worse than Ted Kennedy's manslaughter, letting a woman drown while he went home, got a good night's sleep and then, the next day, reported the "accident" to the authorities. He also found time to procure a neck brace and make sure the press got photos of him wearing it.

No Liberal has ever become addicted to anything, have they? No. Oh wait, seems to me I recall Patrick Kennedy - another Kennedy, imagine that - had quite the problems last year with prescription drugs. And booze! A Kennedy...with a booze problem? Those good Catholic boy Kennedys? Surely its an aberration. He sought "treatment" for his problem which, if memory serves, was his second - maybe his third - trip into rehab. Well, people say the third time is the charm!

Gavin Newsom, the Democrat mayor of San Francisco, who had an affair with the wife of one of his aides announced he will seek treatment for...wait for it...alcoholism.

And then we have Republican Mark Foley, whose emails and Instant Messages were indeed deplorable. But no evidence exits at all indicating he had any physical relationship with anyone underage unlike DemocRATS Gerry Studds, Mel Reynolds, Fred Richmond and Gus Savage.

How is it the big-tent, all inclusive Democrats can forgive Robert Byrd for being a member of the KKK? Beyond the KKK, the DemocRATS fought tooth and nail against Civil Rights in the 1960s with Albert Gore, Sr. (father of the guy who invented the internets) one of the leading anti-Civil Rights cheerleaders. Whew, good thing Daddy Gore wasn't a Republican!

Newt Gingrich - the Dems always point out that he's been married three times! GASP! Well, Dennis Kucinich is on his third marriage. Ted Kennedy is on his second marriage. John Kerry is on his second marriage. Barney Frank - who knows how many guys he's boinked and how many guys he's let boink him! Oh those Good Olde Fashioned DemocRAT Family Values!

Jesse Jackson? We've all lost count on how many illegitimate children he's fathered out of wedlock. Good thing he's a DemocRAT and not a Republican. Good move on your part, Reverend. (The link to the illegitimate children, by the way - for all you Liberals - is a CNN story. And I know how CNN is held as nothing but gospel by you Libs. CNN would never lie to you. That's why I linked to it.)

Both Bubba and Hillary are on their one and only marriage, perhaps to two least likely people who should stay married. We all know how many extra-marital affairs Bill has had. Had Monica Lewinsky not had that famous stained blue dress the Clinton smear machine would have ruined her reputation just as they smeared the lives of Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Elizabeth Ward Gracen and others. And let's not forget Juanita Broaddrick's allegation that Bill Clinton raped her. This allegation is, for all intense purposes, probably true. Does the Left care one iota about it? Not at all.

And it's great and okay to be gay...as long as you're a DemocRAT and not Mark Foley, Ted Haggard or Mary Cheney. Then you're open season for all sorts of insults, ridicule and the target of smear campaigns from the Left.

DemocRATS have no problem spending money, the sky is the limit on any number of their programs, no matter how ineffectual they may be. Suddenly, the cost of the Iraq War is and contentious issue for them. My how their hypocrisy squeals. Pot, meet kettle!

Let's not forget about Halliburton, why, they're just a sponge soaking up government contracts and money. But Loral Group, that sold missile technology to China - you may have noticed, if you're paying attention, at how China has recently perfected its missile technology - under the Clinton Administration, the Left has no qualms with this whatsoever.

And what did Bill Clinton call his humidor? Monica Lewinsky. What a great place to store his cigars, keeping them moist and fresh!

You Dems sure are quite the party, full of such respectable individuals and esteemed candidates and politicians. You have so very much of which to be proud! Hold your head up high! March like the righteous individuals you are! But don't get in a car that Ted Kennedy is driving, especially by any bodies of water. Wait - on second though, all you Dems should charter a big bus, hop on board and let Ted drive, giving you a tour of all the best bodies of water up and down the Eastern Coast.


Well done, Dave.
Thanks Jonathan. the other night, reading it at home i spotted a few typos (dang if those bong hits don't interfere with my prophreeeedeng), and now....I can't find them. Arrrrrrrghghghghghg!

Take care JL, thanks for visiting and commenting.
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