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Sunday, February 18, 2007

No Time For Dancin' Or Lovey Dovey

You do realize that David and the rest of the Heads would hate your politics.
I'm going to guess you're a Liberal, or at least considerably left of center.

I don't base my like or dislike of an artist, singer, actor, band or other talented individual on their politics. Do you? If so, why would you do that?

Interesting you make a choice to use the "hate", since I thought Liberals were about disagreeing politically but not letting it get personal...I think Bill Clinton taught us that, didn't he?

I like David Byrne very much as a solo artist as well as his time with the Talking Heads.

I've been relentless in my criticism of people like Rob Reiner and Michael Moore, but go through the archive posts. I've NEVER criticized their talent as filmmakers - ever - only their politics. I happen to like a number of their films - it doesn't mean I agree with their politics.

It makes no sense and is illogical to dislike what any talented person can do based on disagreeing with their political beliefs.
You gave a great explanation for why YOU like the Talking Heads, but he only said THEY would dislike your politics. Your immediate assumption of an opposing viewpoint (liberal) is ignorant and unnecessary to the discussion, but you based a lot of argument off of it anyway. You display a typical attribute of your political following in that you immediately must bring up the opposition when asked a question having nothing to do with them. For example, if I insult Bush, you will assume (key word) that I am Democratic or some other asinine label, and begin attacking someone from that side without ever really responding to my criticism about Bush. I personally have no affiliation or allegiance whatsoever, I just want the Constitution to be honored (it isn't currently) and a president who believes in dinosaurs. It may take a while thanks to people being more concerned with belonging in a group than thinking about things for themselves, but I hope we get there. If not, I assume people like you will get what they deserve for dealing out red herrings left and right and refusing to questions things already established by their political organization.
..."Your immediate assumption of an opposing viewpoint (liberal) is ignorant and unnecessary to the discussion..."

No, I was told that I should realize David and the rest of the Talking Heads would hate my political view. Well, I know David B. is very liberal, I don't know the poltical details of the other members.

The political views of an artist doesn't influence whether or not I like what that artist does. Are you saying that you let that affect you? It's unclear.
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