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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Nanny Pelosi On The News Hour

Why the constant and false comparison by Liberals of the Iraq War to World War II? Why the rhetoric of, "the War in Iraq has lasted longer than World War II?" What's their point? Is there even one there?

Yes, Iraq to date has lasted longer than World War II. So what? How is Iraq similar to World War II? Let me know Liberals, why this is a valid and just comparison in your mind.

Nanny Pelosi, on yesterday's PBS News Hour with Jim Lehrer, trying to lend credence for the Democrat's CUT AND RUN - redeployment strategy - said Iraq is in the middle of an Ethnic Cleansing and it's hard to referee a Civil War.

Why then, were the Dems so critical of the Bush Administration for doing nothing in Darfur? Why then , do the Dems regret not getting involved in Rwanda during the Clinton Administration? Pelosi wouldn't say that for reasons of pure politics, would she? Because she basically said on the News Hour that a Civil War and Ethnic Cleansing pretty much needs to be figured out by those involved without outside influence and interference.

World War II had clear cut and identified enemies, we knew who they were and their countries or origin. Do we have this same clear cut identification with Terrorists? With the countries where they live and reside? Is it one country or twenty?

Why is the length of time a fair analogy? And if you can somehow self-rationalize that it is fair, then why is it unfair to say, if judging the success of a war solely on the number dead, Iraq is still the most successful battle in the history of the entire world?

I no longer need to ask Dems if they ever tire of their own hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is a way of life for them, their ability to hold and apply entirely different standards to others while refusing to apply the same standards to themselves.


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