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Saturday, February 03, 2007

MrsSatan Wants To Confiscate Profits

Today it's the profit from oil and energy companies...tomorrow it's your profits:

    "I want to take those [oil] profits and I want to put them into a strategic energy fund."

They are NOT your profits to take!

Click on the sideways triangle > on the bottom bar of the screen:

Socialism never sleeps!

Gee... so when I open my own company and it becomes "too" successful, she can come along and take my profits for whatever she sees fit. Nice.
Realize she can't really just "take those funds." That would nationally declared theft/ Either this one is just a bluff, or she has a more complex plan.
Tis The Wonderful World of Socialism, indeed.

Hugo Chavez is doing in Venezeula, nationalizing (i.e. taking) private companies. Don't think Hillary and the Dems wouldn't love to do the same thing.

Thanks for stoppying by, Bug.
josiah, yeah, the plan is to turn the U.S. gradually into a Socialistic country. Wake up!
Let's take her friggin' campaign fund and Swiss bank accounts and put it in my IRA. BITCH!
Did you ever hear the term windfall profit tax, Josiah? It appears you are naive to think govt could not nationalize an industry or write tax code to take its profits. As Drake said, wake up child.
Mrs. Nesbitt, yeah, she'd be the first one to take money that other people worked for. Hillary Hugo Chavez Clinton!
Thanks for reminding me of the windfall profits tax, EC. Good point, indeed!
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