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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Have You Heard?
Mitt Romney Is A Mormon? (GASP!)

How is it that Mitt Romney got himself elected as the Governor of Massachusetts? How could this happen in a state that ranks right up there with such other stalwart Liberal states like California and Minnesota? How could Romney, a Republican, get elected to the highest office in his state, a state that has consistently re-elected the uber-Liberal Ted Kennedy and John Kerry?

Do you suppose Romney received votes from Liberals? Do you suppose these same Liberals who vote for Kennedy and Kerry crossed party lines and voted for Romney? You mean to tell me that come hell or high water the Massachusetts Liberal crowd sacrifices a Democrat in place of a Republican? How did that happen?

How did Romney manage to not raise taxes in Massachusetts? How did he manage to work with State Democrats? How did he manage to reach across the aisle to the Massachusetts Liberal Crowd and accomplish anything?

How did Ronald Reagan win a majority of 49 states? Did Liberals vote for him? They had to, didn't they, in order for him to carry 49 states? How did he ever get elected Governor of California? California is not rich with a voting bloc of Republicans or Conservatives when it comes to that state's political majority voice. You don't suppose he received votes from Liberals and Leftward Leaning Independents, do you?

Romney closed a $3 billion dollar deficit without raising taxes. Romney is a Republican who was elected in a Liberal state. How'd he do that? You don't suppose he received votes from Liberals and Leftward Leaning Independents, do you? How could that happen?

And what do we hear today from the Liberal press about Romney, day after day after day? Whoa...he's a Mormon! A Mormon! The MSM is out there, with their man on the street, actively asking people, "How do you feel about a Mormon in the White House?" A Mormon! A Mormon! Is the sky falling now? Has the blue come crashing down upon us, not from global warming or climate change, but from Romney being a Mormon? It has to be, doesn't it? Because a Mormon is seeking the highest elected office in the land. A Mormon in the White House?!

Please tell me you see the odious duplicity and hypocrisy from the Liberal press and the MSM. Please tell me you see the blatant double standard from the Media.

Because this is the same Media that told us that Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellsion's religion of MUSLIM should not be a factor in his electability. This is the same MSM who vociferously told us that no one should be making a big deal out of Mr. Ellison and his religious practice of Islam. Why, the MSM told us it was politically incorrect to even discuss the fact that Ellison is a Muslim!

Today this is that same MSM that now breathlessly reports Romney's Mormon religion.

And the MSM wonders - they gather, scratching their heads in upper management meetings - why their circulation of newspapers is falling. They wonder why no one watches their evening network newscasts. They wonder why people turn to alternative sources for their news, shunning the conventional and established news outlets.

Huh, it's shocking! Why, I don't know why fewer and fewer people are reading the New York Times, The Minneapolis Star Tribune, The San Francisco Chronicle and others. I don't know why people are tuning out the network evening news. It must be one of those things we call an enigma. No one has the answer. It's a mystery it is, it sure is.


Exactly! Love this post.
Mormons are good people, just doing their best to follow Christ.
Mormoms are indeed good people tyring to follow Christ. I never said they weren't. I think you missed the point of the post, itself.

Re-read it. Try again.
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