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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Guns, Gangs and Drugs. (Add prostitutes and you get the Clinton home in Chappaqua!)
- - - - -
TROLL Invades Florida. (Like 'gators, Trolls are a protected species, otherwise we could shoot 'em!)
- - - - -
"When American soldiers are fighting and dying on foreign battlefields thousands of miles away their political leaders in Congress have one of two choices. They must either do everything they can to support the troops and help them accomplish their mission or they must act within their appropriation powers to bring them home."
- - - - -
Global Warming...Climate Change...Bad Science Equals Bad News...for everyone involved.
- - - - -
What's the first word that pops into your head When you see this image?
- - - - -
Former UN Kommissar Kofi Annan Isn't just sitting around in his retirement!
- - - - -
Ahhh, Ahhh, Ahhh-CHOOOOOOOO!
- - - - -
Ralph Nader...The GOP's Ace In The Hole?
- - - - -
Bank of America Mexico gives credit cards to illegal immigrants.
- - - - -
"...an increase in the minimum wage doesn't cause inflation, although that is a common misconception."
- - - - -
Shocking Images of American Troops "terrorizing" Iraqi Citizens...not!
- - - - -
Rudy And the Second Amendment. (You know, the one that Liberals take figuratively while applying pure Literalism to the First).
- - - - -
CENTCOM...for all the facts the MSM is unwilling to cover and refuses to report!

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