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Friday, February 09, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith, Rest In Peace

Not long ago, shortly after her son Daniel had died, I was talking about Anna Nicole Smith with some members of my family. My opinion and thoughts on her were the minority. I like her - I liked her. Yeah, she married someone who was 63 years older than she was - so what? Did anyone bother to stop and think that J. Howard Marshall was happy and perfectly fine with their marriage? Is it impossible and unrealistic to think that she brought him some happiness in his waning years and that he enjoyed being with her?

The Jealousy Crowd - those not as pretty as Anna Nicole - were the first to attack her, never relenting in their blatant envy of her during her lifetime. Not long ago, shortly after Daniel died, the bile ridden and bitter Liberal Talk Radio's Stephanie Miller, her sissified and effeminate engineer Chris Lavoie and jowly Jim Ward could barely contain themselves from asserting baseless allegations that Anna was having an intimate affair with her own son. While none of their wild speculation has ever been proven, they continued to promote their groundless and unsupported rumor mongering. And some of you who visit and read this blog wonder why I show little compassion when a Democrat dies?

Today Miller reported that Smith "choked to death on her own vomit," which is completely contrary to what the medical examiner said this afternoon, mainly that there was no sign of
asphyxia due to aspiration. Clearly Miller, Lavoie, Ward and people like them are miserable individuals who can only prop themselves up and make themselves feel better by casting wildly unproven rumors towards those of whom they are jealous, resentful and bitter.

Anna was a topic of ridicule for comedians and sketch comedy when she gained some weight.But she managed to lose the weight and reinvent herself which is something many celebrities are never able to accomplish.

In some ways I felt sorry for her. Like many a great beauty, she was used and abused by the hangers-on that surrounded her and some of her employers. Use 'em up, make as much money off them as you can, spit 'em out. Like Marilyn Monroe, she had a certain tragic quality to her. Money, fame and celebrity doesn't always equal happiness. I think she put on a brave face after her son died and that somehow she knew, after that devastating loss, that her time was limited - even though she had a newborn daughter for which to care.

No matter who you are - rich or not, famous or not - something inside any parent dies when they lose a son or daughter. I don't think any parent fully recovers from that. If you don't believe it, ask a parent who's lost a child, they'll tell you.

I don't think she was a grandstander or pretended to be somebody that she wasn't. I think that who she was is who we saw. I don't think she had many, if any, pretenses about her. She put herself in front of the camera when she looked her very best and when she didn't.

I like her - I liked her. May she Rest In Peace and may her daughter be blessed with people who will take care of her and raise her with love.


The Incredibly Gorgeous Anna Nicole Smith

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