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Monday, January 22, 2007

One Hit News

British Airways to allow employees to wear "symbols of faith". The Herald
- - - - -
"His blood was running through my fingers as I tried to get him breathing," sobbed a wife as she recalled her husband's pub death. South Africa News 24
- - - - -
Laos: Hmong rebel resistance still a force to be reckoned with. World Press
- - - - -
UK Conservative Leader David Cameron says he may legalise cannabis for medical use if he becomes Prime Minister. Sky News
- - - - -
Sleeping man survives being bitten twice by scorpion. South Wales
- - - - -
Bells and Whistles Accessorize U.S. cars including "dashboard TV screens to watch whilst you waited for a parking space." (Yeah...like while waiting for a parking space will be the only time drivers watch TV). BBC News
- - - - -
A men's basketball player at Illinois-Chicago claims [Assistant Coach] Lynn Mitchem sexually harassed him by putting a hand on the player's bare chest in the locker room and making sexually suggestive comments. Belleville News Democrat
- - - - -
Remember the Thames River Whale that died one year ago? Its Skeleton and story is now on display with its death appearing to have been caused by dehydration. Sky News
- - - - -
One of my favorite all-time actors, Peter O'Toole has a new movie out : Free Internet Press

    Michael Caine was O'Toole's understudy in The Long and the Short and the Tall; considering he never went on stage, Caine later said, it was incredible he was so exhausted at the end of the run, but waiting anxiously in the wings every night as O'Toole swung in at the very last minute was enough to give any man a coronary. Once, the pair went out drinking and woke up in a strange flat. "What time is it?" Caine asked. "Never mind what time it is," said O'Toole, "What fucking day is it?" And sure enough, it was two days later, three hours before curtain up.

    "I do not regret one drop," O'Toole now says of his long nights, most famously spent with Richards [sic] Harris and Burton.

- - - - -

The World's Oldest Blogger Ohmy News:

    Maria Amelia, the lively 95-year-old Spanish grandmother who has achieved global fame as the oldest of the world's 63.2 million bloggers, has given an exclusive interview to OhmyNews International.

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