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Saturday, January 27, 2007

MrsSatan Takes A Rest

After a long day of working in the Senate and campaigning for her 2008 presidential race, Hillary Clinton MrsSatan takes a break, giving her weary bones a rest:

On a sad note, after MrsSatan left the premises, the folding chair committed suicide.


yee gaahd!
yep. another chair takes its own life due to MrsSatan's fat ass. A tragedy by any definition.

Stay well TC!
David, your blog is always good for a laugh, thanks. That poor chair!
I don't really like Hillary Clinton, but is calling a woman satan and making jokes about her weight truthfully that mature?
Hi Josiah ... I'm glad you don't really like Hillary Clinton. I don't think calling her - and it is in jest - MrsSatan is any worse than the Lefties calling President Bush Hitler and that VP Cheney "drinks the blood of our soldiers".

I'm not the first person to jest about her weight and certainly won't be the last. That IS NOT really her in the chair, by the way.
THANKS BRYAN! Back "at ya", as well!
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