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Thursday, January 25, 2007

More Left Wing Hypocrisy

Remember in 2005 when Ohio Senator George Voinovich (R) cried on the Senate floor over what at that time was the potential of John Bolton being appointed as UN Ambassador?

Remember how the Left endlessly ridiculed Voinovich for crying?

Well...on that same Senate floor...Senator John Kerry (D) - who served in Vietnam - CRIED like a BABY because he realized his presidential aspiration for 2008 were all but flushed down the crapper! What a woman! Get a skirt from Nanny Pelosi and wear it, John, 'ya BIG LIBERAL SISSY CRY-BABY! Bwa-HA HA HA HA!

And today we had the Lefties saying that Vice President Dick Cheney was "mean" during his interview with Wolf Blitzer. Well, Mr. Cheney didn't raise his voice, he remained calm, he didn't stick his finger in Blitzer's face (no matter how warranted it may have been). Cheney was completely non-combative and graceful during his interview. Yet...the Lefties paint him as being "fuming".

Contrast Cheney's calm and professional response to that of Bubba Clinton becoming UNHINGED during the Chris Wallace interview in September, 2006, with Bubba wagging his finger and his beady little eyes squinting at Wallace.

And we know how the Left has spent decades critical of the Right wanting to "intrude into our bedrooms and personal lives" and then...we have a California LIBERAL who want to tell that states' citizens they can't spank their children! Nothing like the Libs sticking their nose into the personal lives of parenting and child-rearing, yes?

Oh YES, just more examples in a long, never-ending list of LEFT WING HYPOCRISY!

It never ends. You Libs are such double-standard jokes.


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