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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hillary Clinton MrsSatan's Past Of Evil Men!

Campaigning in Iowa over the weekend for the 2008 White House, MrsSatan was asked the following questions: "what in [her] background equips [her] to deal with evil and bad men."

    She then smiled, raised her eyebrows and nodded knowingly at the questioner.

    Her nod and the ensuing eruption of laughter had rally-goers convinced she was talking about her husband, whose Oval Office affair with intern Monica Lewinsky exploded into the Sexgate scandal and led to impeachment proceedings.

    "She was talking about Bill being a bad man. There was no doubt whatsoever," said Tyrone Williams, 55, an engineer from nearby Bettendorf, Iowa.

She's Standing By Her Man, just like the Tammy Wynette Song!

Even the HuffPuffPoo knows what MrsSatan "is talkin' about":

    Here's what happened:

    A man in the crowd asked Clinton what she had in her background that would make her a good commander-in-chief, given that the world has "evil" leaders and a lot of them "happen to be men."

    Clinton rephrased the question for the audience because most did not hear what the man said. "The question really is," she said, "we face a lot of dangers in the world, and in the gentleman's words, we face a lot of 'evil men.'

    "People like Osama bin Laden comes to mind."

    She paused.

    "And what in my background equips me to deal" --Clinton waited a beat and got a gleam in her eyes -- "with evil and bad men?"


    It took about 30 seconds for the crowd to stop guffawing.

    As I read the quotes I just typed, I'm not moved to laugh. (It was one of those you-had-to-be-there moments.)

    As was Dustin Burnaugh, 21, a Davenport resident who said he thought she was referring to "the whole Clinton scandal.

    "Everyone was thinking it, and she didn't want to say it. That's what everyone was thinking."

Of course "Bill" is what everyone was thinking. Dems really shouldn't try to do humor. It always ends up a "Botched Joke".


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