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Friday, January 26, 2007

Exhaust Fumes Are Dangerous!

It has always amused me to no end when I see people jogging and riding their bicycles along the highway - the side streets and residential roads. I often find myself wondering if these people are the same people who flee even the slightest hint of second-hand cigarette smoke.

I also see people both casually walking and speed-walking along the shoulders of the residential streets, many who are pushing their infant children in Baby-Jogging Strollers, exposing "THE CHILDREN" to noxious exhaust fumes.

And the kicker is that these people, especially the runners and joggers - because when you exert hard physical activity your breathing increases - are sucking in massive amounts of auto exhaust. It doesn't take a Oxford Scholar to know that exhaust fumes probably aren't something good to inhale. Then again, these joggers aren't Oxford Scholars. Recall that Hitler was a vegetarian.

And now the BBC reports that University of Southern California authors warn in The Lancet that living too close to a busy road could stunt a child's lung development, US research suggests:

    Children who lived within 500 metres of a major road, such as a motorway, were shown to have lung impairment in tests.

    Many children live and go to schools near to busy roads and could be at risk.

    Experts already know that toxic traffic fumes can trigger lung conditions such as asthma.

    The latest work suggests pollution can stop the lung from growing to its full potential - even in children who are otherwise healthy.

    As background air quality did not alter the picture, children living in the countryside but close to a main road would also be at risk, the researchers add.

    Children living close to big roads in cities with high levels of background air pollution were likely to be at a greater risk of lung problems however because of the double effect on their lungs, they suggest.

Oh my, oh my - 500 metres? Why, we should probably immediately institute some sort of taxpayer funded program to help relocate these families to more rural areas, far, far away from any main and frontage roads.

Again I wonder...are some of these people who jog and run along side the roads the same crowd that go spastic when someone lights up a cigarette? Possibly...but they do not hesitate to breathe in exhaust fumes. That makes sense, doesn't it?


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