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Sunday, January 07, 2007


Like Morgan says, This is Real Life or a Set-Up. Either way, there's plenty of annoying participants to want to hurt.
- - - - -
"Map" Kills Man.
- - - - -
Wal-Mart Gun Kills Man.
- - - - -
I can't beat this self-titled blog post...just make sure you read it: The Dedicated Lane To Serfdom.
- - - - -
Jack's got this story all RIGHT: ..."I understand that a headline doesn't tell the whole story...but one single word would make a huge difference in the headline: 'mistakenly'."
- - - - -
Why Be A Pipe Exile? Why indeed! Where did I put my
ceramic pipe, anyways...

Thanks for the link, my friend. As to whether it's real life or a setup, it turns out the folks behind the "Domino's Pizza viral marketing" theory were correct.

I rounded up all four installments for everybody's convenience and placed them here. http://mkfreeberg.webloggin.com/they-were-right-about-mackenzie. Pretty amusing when you watch it top-to-bottom.
You're welcome and a darn fine compilation!
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