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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Tim Johnson:
A 'Terri Schiavo Moment' For The Liberals?

Let me make sure I get this right, I don't want to leave out any important facts: Nevada Senator Harry Reid first expresses his expertise for all of us to witness his ethical, legal and nonappearance of any impropriety in his Real Estate Dealings whereby he makes a very...healthy...profit...when some land is sold that he...didn't...own? (How do I get in on that gravy train like that?)

Then Reid - this genius of the Free Market, this champion of innovators, this wizard of masterfully understanding intricate federal pricing formulas in the dairy industry - Succeeds at putting The Crimp on a Milk Entrepreneur who passed his savings on to his customers. Oh, we can't have consumers saving money, said Harry The Milkman. So he conspired with all the other Milk Producers and slipped an amendment into a spending bill exempting milk plants in the Las Vegas area from federal pricing rules, thereby forcing the entrepreneur to raise his prices to that of his whining, Reid-friendly Milk Producer competitors. This, Reid called, "leveling the playing field."

Now Harry Reid, who has apparently watched one too many episodes of "E.R." (even though he seems like more of a forgetful and doddering "Marcus Welby M.D." guy to me), puts on his stethoscope and plays Doctor by telling us that Senator Tim Johnson "looks good, fine!" Johnson, of course, being the South Dakota Senators who underwent brain surgery earlier this month. Dr. Reid tells us that Johnson, "looks good, fine". Well, so did the pictures and video of Terri Schiavo. Even in their post-mortem pictures both Uday and Qusay Hussein "looked good, fine". Why isn't the public seeing more pictures and video images of Johnson since he "looks good, fine"?

Yeah, I'm sure Johnson is gearing up for a marathon, he must be because Dr. Reid says, "he looks good, fine". But will Johnson be able to fulfill his duties as a Senator from South Dakota and fully represent his constituency in his current state? Of course not. How will he vote; Reid: "Blink once to vote with us, Tim; twice to vote for the Evil Empire"? It's time to pull the plug on Tim Johnson. His condition is irreversible. He's in a permanent vegetative state. This man should not be exploited for politics or for political theater.

So far, the reports from Johnson's doctors don't seem encouraging. He hasn't progressed or improved in the short-term critical weeks following his surgery. His doctors haven't indicated that his level of alertness or responsiveness extends much beyond anyone other than his wife. So, how's he going to cast informed votes on any issues, especially in what Nancy Pelosi self-describes as her most vital and important First One Hundred Days?

The doctors need to pull the plug on Johnson. There's no reason to prolong the obvious and turn him into another Terri Schiavo. The Left certainly taught us this, didn't they? When, and if, no immediate recovery is made from afflictions such as those suffered by Johnson, then it's only a matter of a short time that they reach an unreversable state where a quick death is most merciful and kind - the Left did tell us this, right?

So pull the plug on Tim Johnson, let the man die with dignity. Yeah, it's time to move on.


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