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Friday, December 29, 2006

"Saint" John Edwards

Wow! Did you hear the harsh criticism directed at John Edwards for announcing his run for the '08 White House from New Orleans? Whoa - he received heaping criticism for exploiting and politicizing both New Orleans and Katrina, from where he announced his '08 presidential candidacy.

Local media and New Orleans residents turned out in huge numbers, all of them protesting Edward's use of the setting of the hurricane Katrina tragedy as a political device.

Protestors carried signs and placards denouncing his abuse, misuse, grandstanding and politicization of their home and city!

Actually, you probably know that none of the above happened. Well, other than Edwards did indeed announce his run from New Orleans, that much is true. But the rest is false.

Good thing no Republican candidate has used the World Trade Center site in Manhattan to announce their 2008 presidential candidacy.

You see, just like Military service, it's okay for the Democrats and Liberals to use, abuse and exploit the Military service of John Kerry (he served in Vietnam), or Al Gore (he too served in Vietnam), or John Murtha (former Marine) or General Wesley Clark. It's all perfectly proper for the Left to remind us, every chance they get, that these people have Military service in their background.

But in 1996 it wasn't okay for Republicans to tout Bob Dole's Military service versus Bill Clinton's draft dodging. No, back then the Left cried their usual mantra of, "that's not fair...!", in Dole using his Military service during his campaign. Nor can John McCain really be permitted to tout his Military service in Vietnam...at least according to The Left.

Any time any Conservative speaks of September 11, oh, the Left goes crazy saying things like, "there goes [insert Republican/Conservative name here] exploiting 9-11 again, using scare tactics for their political advantage." But this is all the Left has done for the past five years!

So, while John Edwards receives a Free Pass - from both politicians and the media - in exploiting New Orleans and Katrina, the location from where he announced his presidential run for 2008, we can all hear the squawking from The Left should a Republican or Conservative use a similar geographic setting, site or location in announcing their political aspirations, right?

You DO KNOW by now that using, abusing and exploiting an issue, person, place or thing is completely allowable and permittable for The Left. But Conservatives cannot do the same, at least not without being severely condemned when doing so.


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