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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam Hussein: Dead

- His Last Moments, BBC:

    Television pictures released by the Iraqi authorities showed [Hussein], bearded and clad in a dark overcoat, appearing alongside masked executioners.

    The masked man moved a hand along the former leader's neck and chest, seemingly demonstrating the action of the gallows. He then placed what seemed to be a black cloth around Saddam Hussein's neck.

    The former Iraqi leader shrugged and took a step forwards. A rope noose was lowered over his neck.

    No footage has been released of what happened beyond that point.

- - -
- EU commissioner on external relations Benita Ferrero-Waldner expressed her opposition to death penalty against former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein.
- - -
- German Deputy Foreign Minister Gernot Erler said that Germany held the view that the Iraqi leader was guilty of "serious crimes." However, the government remains opposed to the death penalty no matter where the execution was carried out, Erler said.
- - -
- Iraqi-Americans cheered and cried outside a Dearborn mosque as some Arab media reported that Saddam Hussein was executed.
- - -
-...many of those persecuted by Saddam Hussein's regime, his execution was an event they had been waiting for for decades:

    "It is easy when somebody kills your innocent family.

    "My brothers and my cousins never did anything against the government or said anything, they were so good."

    But she said: "I`m not happy because they didn't show the death in front of the people - I want to see this moment, like every woman, every mother, every sister."

- - -
- His Enemies Rejoice, Some Arabs Angry.
- - -
- Kuwaitis Rejoice.

I didn't even know he was dead... not sure what that says about him (or me, for that matter).
ya know what Bug...sometimes (I think) being removed from, or just not hearing the news of the day, is just about the best thing that can happen to us some days!
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