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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Record Level Of Drunken Drivers In Minnesota

MN lowered its Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) standard for Driving Under The Influence of alcohol from .10 to .08 and the local MSM wonders aloud, "Oh My Gosh! We're on a Record Setting Year of DUI Offenders! How did This Happen?"

Really? Really? You mean, when you implement a law that potentially criminalizes more people...the result equals more offenders? No! Really? Really? I'm shocked at how that seemingly difficult and incalculable equation works out. And I don't have a degree in the higher maths, 'neither!

So if you're out tonight celebrating New Year, really tie one on, keep tossing those drinks back. And get yourself a few rounds of tequila at Last Call and toss those puppies down as well. And then make sure to get in your car and drive. Remember, if you're not driving under the influence of at least a 1.95 BAC, you're not really trying.

(Use the keyboard up and down scroll arrows to navigate Mel's car!)
H/T: Samantha Burns

Check your Drunken Stupor At The Door: How Much Is Too Much For You?


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