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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Nancy Pelosi Claims Dems Won't Cut Military Funding

Democrats Claim They Won't Cut War Funding:


    "There is only one way in which the United States will withdraw from Iraq prior to the end of President Bush's term," said Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich, Ohio Democrat. "Congress must vote to cut off funds."

    Rep. Jim McGovern, Massachusetts Democrat, said his plan would send "a signal that our occupation has to end." It would cut off most funding but leave money for the "safe and orderly" withdrawal of troops, economic recovery and international peacekeeping.

    Rep. John P. Murtha of Pennsylvania, [said] he will now allow an emergency request from the White House for billions of dollars in supplemental appropriations and will insist that the president lay out exact spending plans for completing the mission in Iraq.

Oh...Murtha "will allow an emergency [funding] request." Yeah, tell us again how you support the Troops but not the War, Old Man.

And the Grande Dame of The Liberals, Nancy Peloshit says:

    "As long as our troops are in harm's way, Democrats will be there to support them," said House Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi of California. "We will not cut off funding for the troops."

THIS MEANS EXACTLY THAT THE DEMOCRATS WILL CUT THE FUNDING OF THE MILITARY. It's not a matter of 'if' they'll cut the funding, it's "When".

Mark your calendars ladies and gentlemen, Conservatives, Liberals and Independents alike. Mark your calendars so you can refer back to the date when presumptive Speaker Nancy Peloshit told this outrageous, absurd and blatant lie.

The Dems will cut the funding for the Military the moment they believe it to be politically expedient and advantageous for them.

Scream, Nancy, Scream!


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