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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Minneapolis Red Stalinist Tribune SOLD!

This can only be described as reality that exceeds satire by an infinite power.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune (a daily newspaper whose Liberal political bias makes The San Francisco Chronicle seem Right-of-Center), was sold by its current owner, The McClatchy Co., to Avista Capital Partner, a private investment group.

The sale caught almost every Star employee by surprise. BIG SURPRISE! BIG, OSAMA OBAMA EAR SIZED SURPRISE!

Please tell me you see the hilarity and irony in..."The Star Tribune" being sold and none of its employees...whose job it is to (ahem)...investigate and break news - and they're completely caught off-guard. Heh...why, the next thing you know AirHead America Radio will file bankruptcy!

Do you mean to tell me that not even Star Tribune Little Eichmann Columnist, "Scoop" Coleman couldn't break or flush out this story before it became public knowledge?

Heh - that's pretty funny. Even better...just like a good little Liberal Butt Wipe paper that the Star Tribune is, it was sold at a loss! You gotta love how Liberals handle business matters, don't you: "Buy high! Sell Low!" Brilliant, just brilliant.

If their reporters can't break their own story of their own paper being sold, why would you trust them on other issues?


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