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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Hillary Clinton Legally Changes
Name To Jesus Of Nazareth

Chappaqua, N.Y. - New York Senator, Hillary Rodham Clinton today legally changed her name to 'Jesus Of Nazareth'. The former first lady made formal the name-change during a brief visit to the Chappaqua Towne Hall where documents were finalized and a fee of $225 was paid.

Amid a flurry of controversy the former Mrs. Clinton defended her name change, denying allegations that she changed her name to make a more favorable impression as a presidential candidate in 2008. She said, "My decision to change my name to Jesus Of Nazareth was not based upon any political advantage it may bring me for any presidential aspirations I may harbor, oh no! I've always been a God-fearing Christian! Always!"

The Main Stream Media is already portraying her name change as nothing more than an honest and earned expression for the Senator and her core religious beliefs and values.

"We are mere mortals. But Senator Hillar---er, Senator Jesus Of Nazareth, well, she's the one who holds us so transfixed by her sincerity," gushed ABC Network News Anchor Charlie Gibson, as he signed off today's newscast.

"Gosh, Golly, Gee," said NBC TV's Network Anchor Brian Williams, "Now that she's changed her name to Jesus of Nazareth, it's one of those things you tell yourself is something that seems so right it makes you wonder why it didn't happen years ago!"

"No one watches me, I have no opinion," chirped in CBS News Anchor Katie Couric.

The Former First Lady told colleagues, "please, I know, getting used to calling me Jesus of Nazareth will take some time for a few of you. Let me say that in the interim, you may refer to me as The Queen of Greatness or All That Is Most Supreme. But eventually, work in the Jesus of Nazareth thing, okay," she said.


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