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Friday, December 08, 2006


The Lovely Miss O'Hara (whom I forgive for being a Red Wings Fan...) Weighs In On the Banning of Trans Fat.
- - -
Canadians get Naked To Protest...uh, Holes.
- - -
How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?
- - -
Climate Scientists Come Out of The Closet!
- - -
Like Rare Punk (music)? These Guys Found The Mother Lode Resource.
- - -
Ten Things This Guy Hates About DemocRATS. (Geeeeeez, it had to be damn hard work to narrow down the list to only ten items!)
- - -
Styrofoam=Bad; Pot=Good.
- - -
The Dutch Roll Up A BIG ONE! (Bubba says he still wouldn't inhale.)
- - -
Good-Bye To The Ford Taurus.
- - -
Cellmate Misses Chance To Tell O.J. Simpson How Much He Would Have Loved Him.
- - -
Mark Celebrates some rewritten Lyrics To "Winter Wonderland"...uh, not necessarily for the better. Well, I guess that depends on...uh...your individual proclivities.

Hi Dave. Thanks for the link. Welcome to my blogroll.
You're Welcome Nuke! I have to ask how you were able to narrow your list down to only "TEN" things ?!?! It hadda be a yeoman task (heh!)

Thanks for adding me to your Blogroll. I will definately do the same.

Thanks for visiting and commenting!
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