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Monday, December 18, 2006

Al O'FrankenFailure: Draft Dodger And Former Pro-Lifer

Here's a few interesting facts about Al O'FrankenFailure, who never fails to remind anyone that listens to him that he does the USO Tour, supposedly to support our Troops while out of the other side of his mouth saying and doing whatever he can to denigrate them and their mission:

From The American Spectator, May, 2001:

    [Franken] enlisted in the anti-war (Vietnam) movement, and avoided the military. Moreover, even though Franken practically brags about helping his brother to dodge the draft, he toured for the USO the last two holiday seasons.

    And as his old partner Tom Davis observes, "He does have a conservative streak in him. When I first met him, he was actually pro-life."

So Franken avoided the military while he devotes every breath to denigrating Republicans who didn't serve their country? And he was a Pro-Lifer?

What unmitigated and rank hypocrisy on his part.

But he's fair, you say, right? Applying the same standard to all politicians regardless of their party identity. Well, not really.

From the same American Spectator Story:

    The former president, he insists, was blameless on Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate, the campaign finance scandal, the diversion of funds to and from the Teamsters, Waco, and Mrs. Clinton's health care task force. God only knows what defense he can muster about the pardon scandal. Franken will consider no other view at all, and when it is suggested to him that the final report on Filegate by the Office of Independent Counsel left something to be desired, he positively loses it. Boychik gives way to an angry man.

    "You better f---ing read that again," [Franken] says, "because you got it wrong, buddy. They confirmed EVERYTHING that Clinton said. It was just a f--k up. This is just your bias and you're wrong."

Awwwww - does LiberAL need his diaper changed?

Huh - did the interviewer hit a nerve there, Al-Boy? Sure seems so! Al, you are such a partisan

I'm sure glad Al doesn't have any subjective bias in him, aren't you?

And this guy claims he has political ambitions? Let's hope his draft-dodging and flip-flopping Pro-Life stance comes to surface should he decide he's Senate material.

Remember: Never ever forget a Liberal like Al's ability to rationalize their Liberal Hypocrisy using a standard they apply to others to, but never themselves.


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