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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Three Reasons To Not Vote For Tim Pawlenty

When Republican Tim Pawlenty sought Minnesota's gubernatorial office four years ago, and won the race, his three "big marquee" promises were:

1) Limiting funding and expansion of the costly money-pit called "light rail" and expanding the freeway system. Pawlenty then jumped on board the trolley fiasco favoring its growth. The freeway system, although expanded in some areas and "in progress" in others, is nowhere near enough. By the time many of these highway projects are completed they will be obsolete. Why did this happen? Because he "compromised" with the Democrats.

2) No public money for billionaire and millionaire sports teams and their owners. Pawlenty then approved a bill to put public money - albeit only Hennepin County taxpayers, (sorry folks) - into a new stadium for MLB's Minnesota Twins. "I'm not going to be known as the governor who lost the Twins," Pawlenty cried.

3) Property tax reform was a key part of the Pawlenty platform. Property taxes have skyrocketed in his four year tenure. I guess "light rail" and stadium welfare took priority over property tax reform. Why did this happen? Because he and other Republicans "compromised" with the Democrats.

You couldn't pay me to vote for Pawlenty this time. And if this outlook is held by others, and it means that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Hatch is elected as our next governor, good - so be it. No, I won't vote for Mike Hatch. I'll vote third party. And I hope enough other disappointed Indies and Conservatives feel the same way. Maybe the next time around the Republican candidate for governor won't compromise and moderate with the opposition so much.

Minnesota's Current Governor, Tim Pawlenty: Not Deserving Of A Second Term

At the national level I support and will vote for both Mark Kennedy running for Senate and Michele Bachmann for Congress. It is important that Conservatives retain their stronghold and majority in the Senate and the House of Representatives in Washington D.C.

But Tim Pawlenty? I didn't vote for him four years ago to get a governor who so quickly and generously "moderated" himself to the political opposition.
He doesn't deserve another term.



Republicans had a chance to fix this at the Primary in September (by ousting Pawlenty in favor of Sue Jeffers), but we blew it.
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