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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Democratic P0rn Writer Jim Webb Steals Virginia Senate Seat

Senator George Allen Conceded his Senatorial Re-election bid to his Democratic opponent, the prolific porn-incest-pedophilia writer Jim Webb, who managed to steal the election.

Webb, appearing before supporters made the following victory statement:

    "Thank you, thank you all! I want to especially thank all the young, naked (edited for adult content) that I constantly fantasize about! Nothing arouses me more than (edited for adult content and misogynistic violence) some woman because she deserves it! And I'm the guy to get those (violent acts depicted deleted) women back on track! You know the old joke, right - What do you tell a women with two black eyes? Nothing - you already told her twice! That's the kind of guy I am!

    And the same applies to young boys! Why, they need their young and firm (edited for adult content) by good men like me who do it and then write about it under the guise of battlefield fiction!

    I'll bring my freewheelin' style to Washington D.C. where I promise to help all (adult content deleted), because it's for The Children...oh, how I love the children and the women that I beat up on! Nothing excites me more than watching the 'ho I love turn black and blue from one of my relentless beatings! It makes me (adult content deleted) and (adult content deleted) and I (adult content deleted)!"


Well, you obviously haven't read the books, so you totally come off as a nitwit with these statements; or maybe you did read them but you're so blinded by hatred you'd rather twist them into this ridiculous and tawdry accusation, but I guess the whole point is that you just seem to be a really sore, crybaby loser. Those so-called p0rn novels were on the National Review's list of must-reads right up to Webb's announcement of the race, and some are still required reading for Marines advancing from corporal to sergeant. Would you say the Marines are all about reading p0rn novels, too? Oh, and as for the Dems not mentioning the war since their victory, Jim Webb mentioned it during his actual speech this evening, as he always does, reminding everyone in the crowd that tomorrow is the Marine Corps' birthday and the next day is Veteran's Day.

Maybe since you're such a gung ho warrior type who feels qualified to comment about the patriotism of one of America's genuine war heroes you'll decide to enlist yourself.
"Porn writer" only gets us part way there. He's actually a writer of pedophile, incest, gay porn. Just the kind of guy liberals like. It's hard to believe he's in Virginia, and not San Francisco.
Agree completely, the man's mind is full of sick, adulterous, incestual, pedophiliac, and abuse towards women thoughts. It is clear in his own words. It's a good think Mark Foley didn't write things like that, oh boy, would the Left have crucified Foley had he done so.

Apparently, the we have a dissenting gimp who left a contrarian comment. How novel.
Catzmaw, your blog is a fake, it's a dea link to what's supposed to be a blog, you're a fraud and a phony. So it's obvious to you huh, that I didn't read any of Webb's books. Well, you're wrong asshhat.

Nice little rant of a comment from you, straight out of Demcratic Talking Points. Did Harry Reid, George Soros, Sham Seder or Keith Olbermann read them to you just before tucking you into bed last night?

"Crybaby loser" - Heh! You haven't spent much time at DU, ThinkRegress or KOS over the past six years, have you.

Blah blah blah, blah blah blah. Same rhetoric, different Liberal Anus. Grow a pair if you can Catzwhateveritis.
what you wrote about Webb is a new low for you. you should be ashamed.
Why should I be ashamed? Because I took the Webb's own written words and hold him responsible and accountable for them:

"the man put the boy's penis in his mouth."

"If she’d just get laid every now and then she’d mellow out and stop being such a damn witch.”

"She just dropped her britches and lifted up her skirt and pissed like a man. Didn’t lose a drop, either. Not a drop.”

Uh huh, those surely are notable literary moments for the ages, aren't they?

OH - and one more thing for the first asshatCAT commentor above....so you're saying writing like Webbs is okay as long as its used in training purposes, military or otherwise?

And if Webb's books are such literary works of genius, then why not read them to your children. Oh, the Children, Oh god, the children.

Anony and Cat try, just try to pull your head out of your asses. Just give it a try, even for a moment.
Catzmaw has the same ideology as al-Qaeda, so what do you expect? He (it?) is just another surrender monkey.
I agree Shaved Ape. I don't think kittyTurd will be back, or if he/she/it is, they won't comment.

And yes, catzman, I'm calling you a name when I call you kittyTurd. You;re also a fan of kiddie p0rn and misogyny when its written by a democrat. My, kittyTurd, what a sick and depreaved person you are.
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