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Monday, October 30, 2006

Global Warming Alarmists Will Eventually Lead Us Down The Road To A One World Global Government

From the BBC:

    [The UK's] Environment Secretary David Miliband has confirmed the government is holding discussions on tackling climate change using green taxes.

    He refused to confirm details, shown in a leaked letter, which may include "pay as you drive" tax, cheap-flight tax and levies on energy-wasting appliances.

    He told Sky News that "the longer we wait, the more costly it will be".

    [He] calls for measures to combat "car use and ownership", and a "substantial increase" in road tax, the paper claims. He also calls for a new pay-per-mile pollution tax.

And the UK has signed on Al "I invented the internet" Gore to be their Chief Snake Oil Salesman:

    Britain is to send the author of today's landmark review on global warming to try to win American hearts and minds to the urgent cause of cutting carbon emissions - as it emerged yesterday that the government has already signed up former US vice-president Al Gore to advise on the environment.

Look people, the common thread to move people and nations toward a one world government will be the hoopla over so-called Global Warming. This is the issue that will be used, abused and hyperbolized to move people and nations to a unified, one world government. Maybe not in my lifetime or yours, but certainly the generation after next will be moving in that direction if not already solidly planted there.

Where and when you travel, where you live, how you live,
what you buy, when you buy it, how you buy it and the selections you have when purchasing something will all be restricted and limited while the Hoity Toity crowd of politicians and celebrities - you know, the "privileged Socialists" - will still be burning carbon in a manner similar to Michael Moore eating at a free buffet.

If you think moving towards a one world government is a good idea, and you think Global Warming is a real threat that must be tackled right now...go ahead, vote for your favorite Socialist and get on board the Global Warming Train. And when your travel, freedoms and lives are severely reduced in what you can do and where you can go and when you can go there...don't pretend you don't know how we got there.


One World government is the whole idea behind the global warming we all gonna die crowd..and of course that one world government is gonna be socialism with some of the elite such as Bitch Hilary in charge deciding what is best for the rest of in the name of the "common good" Gotdam I hate that phrase.
Absolutely, Guy. I couldn't agree with you more. I read your post on Hillary's "common good" statements and this is exactly what her and other liberals will use to sell us into a Global Government. We cannot let that happen. I hate that f*cking phrase too...and it seems to be getting more common among the liberal crowd.

Thanks for visiting and commenting Guy, it's always a pleasure hearing from you.
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