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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Your Musical Taste Says A Lot About You

Classical Music fans a bunch of pot-smokers?

Opera lovers nothing but a bunch of 'Shroomers?

University of Leicester study interviewed thousands of people in the UK about their favourite music and their lives and reached some interesting conclusions:

    ...hip-hop fans are more likely to have had multiple sexual partners in recent years and a quarter of classical music buffs have tried cannabis.

    ...56.9% of dance music devotees and just over half of hip-hop fans admitted to having committed a criminal act compared to just 17.9% of people who like musicals...

    ...and 12.3% of opera lovers had tried magic mushrooms.

"Roll me a Fatty, Marge, bring out the 'Shrooms and let's watch classical music and opera night on PBS."


Kinda gives a whole new meaning to "Evening at Pop's" doesn't it? Mac Daddy Leonard Bernstein!
Fill up the bong bowl, it's Arthur Fiedler time! Actually, he died several years ago but I thought he was pretty cool. Who in music doesn't toke up? I think it's a required requisite.
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