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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

"Path To 9/11" Wins Monday Night Ratings

Zap2It Reports ...:

    ...The conclusion of ABC's miniseries "The Path to 9/11" led ABC to a ratings win Monday. Numbers for the night are approximate, as a presidential address marking the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks interrupted regular programming in much of the country.

    ABC averaged a 7.4 rating/11 share for the night, finishing well ahead of CBS' 5.2/8. NBC was third at 4.2/7. FOX, 4.0/7, came in fourth, and The WB trailed with a 1.2/2.

And Contract Music is reporting... :

    ...On Monday night the miniseries dominated the night, averaging an 8.1 rating and a 12 share. Nothing else even came close.

"NOTHING ELSE EVEN CAME CLOSE." That means, that nothing else came close.
- - -
A Note To "Stevie B." (are you Mike Malloy?.......) - that's a joke.

Stevie B. added a comment to my Monday post about the Sunday Night Ratings of "Path To 9/11". And I want to address part of his comment here.

The below text and graph is from Think Progress and the link directly to it is HERE.

Here's my point about the above being misleading starting with the numbers that they report. First, nowhere does Think Progress admit the numbers they are quoting are averaged numbers. It is a misleading "Summary" that they present. You have to get the fact that the numbers in their graph are averaged from the linked Media Week story.

Next they write that:

    "[The Path To 9/11] only managed to tie a rerun of a CBS documentary about 9/11."

But that cannot be true nor accurate. Zap2It Says Right Here that FOX Sunday night programming came in third and CBS Sunday night programming came in fourth. IF Zap2It is correct, and both Contact Music and Mercury News (both links to original article in Monday's post), support that it is, then Think Progress cannot say that both "Path To 9/11" and "9/11" tied because they didn't. They're lying.

Does that help clear it up?

End of Sermon. Go in Peace.


I don't believe in polls any more... even if they sway in a direction I find favorable. Actually, when they DO sway that way, I find myself a bit elated because that rarely happens.

No one ever calls me to ask my opinion... so I'm left wondering who these people are who take the polls. It's a joke!

Of course, I'm on a do not call list, so maybe that's the problem. :0)
HEy Bug - I don't put much faith in polls either other than to needle the libs with sometimes. Neilsen ratings are different. A machine is actually hooked up to your television, or computer, and measures what shows certain people are watching. My objection to the Think Regress story is that they misrepresented the ratings to its readers, protraying the ratings as being lower than they actually were.

sor for the bad typing today, my time is limited right now. thanks for the comments as always.
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