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Monday, September 11, 2006

Manipulating "The Path To 9/11" Neilsen Ratings

Here's an interesting lie from These Truth Deniers:

    NFL Football (NBC) / 15.1 / 23
    9/11 (CBS, rerun) / 8.2 / 12
    Path to 9/11 (ABC) / 8.2 / 12

While the Think Regress crowd gets the above numbers from Media Week, what they don't tell you is how they, Think Regress, is presenting "averaged" ratings and shares which are not a true representation of the actual viewing audience of "The Path To 9/11".

Here's the real numbers for last night's viewing audience. First, from Zap2It:

    NBC averaged a 10.8 rating/17 share for the night, finishing well ahead of ABC, 7.1/11. FOX was right behind in third with a 7.0/11, and CBS took fourth with a 6.3/10. The WB trailed at 1.1/2. The numbers for NBC, FOX and CBS all include some live sports and are therefore subject to change. Further, CBS and ABC aired some of their prime-time schedule without ads, and those time periods will be excluded from final nationals.

Does it sound to you, from the above paragraph, that ABC's "Path" came in a distant second and tied for "third" as presented by Think Regress? Because ABC ran "Path" without sponsorship, it will be difficult to accurately measure certain blocks of viewership. Make note of the above paragraph and how it relates with how TR reports the ratings: NBC finished first, no doubt about that. ABC came in SECOND. FOX came in third and CBS was dead last! No doubt that "TR" is very selective in how they want to downplay the number of viewers that watched "Path".

Contact Music says ABC's "Path To 9/11" Garnered Big Ratings, Second only to NBC's Football. You wouldn't get that impression from the liars at Think Regress, would you?

Nielsen ratings report that, "The ABC movie did, however, beat CBS' third airing of its "9/11" documentary, which was seen by an estimated 10.6 million people," according to Mercury News.

Now, why would Think Regress publish their information in such a skewed and selective manner?


Path to 9/11 is not the only inaccurate and misleading docudrama. The movie United 93 is described as "meticulously researched" and "based on fact" and supposed to "honor all victims", but there is not any indication that the German passenger Christian Adams was indeed a coward and appeaser and tried to stop the American heroes from storming the cockpit as the movie shows, as I explain in: German 9/11 Victim Defamed in "United 93" Movie.
While liberal Americans stage huge protests against Path to 9/11 (like conservative Americans did with Fahrenheit 9/11), Germans did not waste their time with protesting against United 93.
Well, I don't know what your comment has to do with a post discussing the misrepresentation of the Ratings of last night's prgrams by Think Regress, but I'll publish it.

And I don't know where you are coming from on sayings "Path" is inaccurate and misleading. Neither ABC or any other supporter of the movie claimed it was non-fiction.

My issue with the movie, politics aside, is the Liberals attempt at censorship.
NBC is shaping up to be the network to beat on Sunday in fourth quarter, with the Indianapolis vs. N.Y. Giants match-up on the premiere of Sunday Night Football at a hefty 15.1/23 in the overnights from 8:30-11:15 p.m. ...

Part one of miniseries The Path to 9/11 on ABC ran neck-and-neck with a repeat of documentary 9/11 on CBS in the metered markets. ABC’s The Path to 911 averaged an 8.2/12 from 8-11 p.m., while CBS’ 9/11 encore also posted an 8.2/12 from 8:30-10:30 p.m.

This is all from the MediaWeek article, and it specifically mentions program vs. program breakdown. The Zap2It article is the one that says "averaged" in it.

Maybe I just don't understand how ratings are calculated, but it seems to me the articles you cite support the exact opposite of what you claim.
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I'm not saying NBC isn't the "one to beat in the ratings on Sunday night" with their football.

What I'm saying is the post at Think Progress doesn't include that the numbers they present are averaged.

Yes, "Path" was beaten by football, I never said otherwise. But three other sources, Zap2It, Contact Music and Merc News did't put "Path" anywhere near a tie with CBS.

Does that help? Hey - if I don't follow your logic let me know and I'll try again. Thanks for visiting.
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