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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Go Ahead - Run The Lard Lad's Movie!

Crawling out from the deep, dark, dank underbelly of their political rhetoric come the calls from The Left to run "Fahrenheit 911". This is meant to, I guess in the minds of the Liberals, "correct" ABC's airing of "The Path To 9/11".

Countless callers to Liberal Talk Radio are expressing the same Talking Point: "How would Republicans like it if Democrats had a television network run 'Fahrenheit 911'?"

Go ahead - run it! Run it every day and every night, up to and including November 7th, Election Day. Put in a telephone call to your Liberal Sugar Daddy, George Sorryos, and ask him to give you the money so you can afford to pay for the broadcast time of "F 911".

Dust off "All The President's Men" and Oliver Stone's "Nixon" and any other pro-Liberal-Republicans=Bad agenda films from your vault and run them endlessly on The Sundance Channel. Robert Redford can make that happen.

Go ahead, run 'em - I don't care. And I don't think a majority of Conservatives and Independents care one bit. I doubt there'd be much, or any, of a collective voice of non-Liberals protesting that these films are being shown.

You Liberals act as if running "F 911" is a threat to those who don't agree with your political ideology. Contact the Lard Lad who made "F-911" - I'm sure he can be found at the nearest cake, pie, or donut factory - and appeal to him to run his film on any network or cable channel. If the Lard Lad is a political player like he fancies himself, he should do it

I'm tired of idle threats from Liberals who think they have a point, or attempt in vain to make one, by their threats of running "F 911". Run it - I'm in complete agreement with you Libs on this.

Run it and all the other films. Let's then measure the results of the November election and correlate it to the net wins or losses Democrats experience.


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