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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Why Ed Schultz Continues To Be A Complete Dumbass

Fat Eddy today called the 11 point lead that Joe Lieberman has over Ned Lamont (in Connecticut's senate race) a "statistical dead heat."

11 Points is now a statistical dead heat for the Libs?

If Lamont was out-polling Lieberman by 11 points, you know what LiberTards like Fat Eddy would be saying, don't you? They'd be telling Joe to pull out of the race, it's over.

It's always,
always a different set of rules when it comes to the Libs.


It's odd that you paint Schultz as someone who is so far to the left. I'm originally from Fargo, so I'm somewhat familiar with him, and right now he's pretty much a moderate. He used to actually be quite conservative. Even this year he's been supporting Lieberman for most of the year. Now that the primary election has been concluded, though, and Lieberman lost that election, Schultz to the best of my knowledge has chosen to support Lamont for the basic reason that Lamont acutally won the primary.

But I suppose that's being far left?
Hi Ben. I clicked on you name and I see that you've registered with blogger but didn't have a blog link hypertext on. What's up with that - you should have one, you write well.

I know some people from ND who are also familiar with Ed. I think he *might* put forth a political belief depending on who signs his paycheck, and since his show is syndicated by AAR, he plays to the Left of Center in what he says.

I have heard him say on a number of occasions that he would support Hillary Clinton for president and that he thinks "she'd make a wonderful president." But he's NEVER said WHY he thinks that. I think anyone, regardless of where you stand politically, should be able to articulate a few reason why they support the candidate they do.

I wouldn't say Ed is a far Left as the Daily KoS'ers, or the DU'ers and that crowd, but I wouldn't put him in the moderate category.

Ben, you wrote a well reasoned comment and I thank you for that. I don't know if you are Left/Center or Right by what you wrote, but a comment like yours is a pleasure to receive.

Thanks for visiting and commenting. Please do so in the future, and if you get a blog up and running by all means let me know.
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