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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Time To Cut And Run From New Orleans!

It's time to cut and run from New Orleans. Clearly, if The Left has taught us anything, it is that human existence has devastating effects on the environment. If we are to believe that the short period of time the existence of the Industrialized World has adversely and negatively impacted the ecosystem, surely occupying a city beneath sea level cannot be conducive to Mother Nature. Or mankind.

New Orleans, in its pure and natural state, is meant to be one giant wetland free from human occupation. If nature teaches us anything, with the Left pretending to know what nature wants and telling us so, it is that mankind cannot stop - and at best can only hope to mitigate - the destructive forces of hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, blizzards, heat waves and other natural disasters.

The money allocated for New Orleans from federal and state sources, as well as the private contributions from people and corporations, surely has exceeded all reasonable expectations of what it should take to rebuild New Orleans. Yet to date, if I may paraphrase its Mayor Ray Nagin, New Orleans will always be a hole under water.

If The Left has taught us anything in reaching a point of no return, as they have been advocating a cut and run strategy in Iraq, it is that perhaps we have reached a point with New Orleans whereby cut and run is the only option. The continued and future human "occupation" of New Orleans is unwise, irresponsible, dangerous and potentially fatal. And if by allowing New Orleans to return to its natural state we "save just one life", especially the life "of a child", then it's certainly worth it, isn't it?

None of this is meant to be critical of the City of New Orleans or the people who live there. But most reasonable people recognize when they've reach a point of no return when continuing to fight a losing battle. Humans cannot control some of the things that nature throws at us. How many hurricanes does New Orleans need to experience before society realizes this area of Louisiana it is not meant for human inhabitation?

Clearly it is time to cut and run from New Orleans. It is time to admit this area of our geography - being below sea level - is one where Man will never tame or control the forces of nature. New Orleans should be allowed to return to its pristine and natural state. Future attempts to occupy this area will continue to bring hardships and deaths. It's time to acknowledge the losses, both historic and financial, and cut and run from New Orleans.


Les bons de retreat!
i don't know what that means.
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