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Monday, August 28, 2006

No Way!

No DNA Match between John Karr and JonBenet Ramsey! I am SHOCKED! I thought for sure he was the killer!

Why...that must mean the killer(s) are still at large! Well, one of the killers died a couple months ago, the other killer is still alive.

- - -

"Survivor" segregates and Plays The Racial Card! And...the Liberals say...Virtually nothing about this.

Why, I bet they'd be equally silent if "Survivor" was on the FOX NETWORK, huh? Right? Liberals would maintain the same degree of judgment, right? Right? RIGHT?

- - -

Fox News journalists forced to convert to Islam at gunpoint!

Why, I am outraged...outraged! Everybody knows it's only the Christians, Jews and Scientologists who force people to convert at gunpoint! Islam is a peaceful and non-radicalized religion.

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