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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Kung Pow Cat

....yeah, This Cat would have ceased to be a cat....

    [The cats'] antics in a small leafy street in Swindon, Wiltshire, have been described as a 'four-month reign of terror' by neighbours, who finally caught the cat and put it in a cage this week.

    'It was the nastiest cat ever, it would just attack you and come at you with its claws and teeth,' said one 21-year-old resident.

    'If you came home or woke up to see it, he would go crazy, bouncing off furniture at you before running out of the door.

...the moment it attacked me.

I would have found Other Uses for it --- and damn fast, too!


What was that movie with Peter O'Toole where he was hiding out from the mafia in northern England in a underground cave, and he had a pet cat that the bad guys killed, and he made a crossbow with the cat's gut and shot the bad guy in the throat with an improvised arrow?
"Now see here, you barge in here quite uninvited, scratch my legs, and casually meow that we are all dead. I'm afraid I shall have to ask you to leave!"

the description of the movie is a draws a total blank from me. did you check imdb.com, serach on O'toole's name and see if anything was familiar, or who co-starred in it?
killer - really, a Python response to the cat....what a pissy little gremlin, eh? The cat I mean. Must be a Liberal Cat with that attitude.
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