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Monday, August 28, 2006


What happened to your blog? It's gone. Leave me a comment, please?

Hope you are well.

(And if you started up a new blog let me know).

Hey David... I changed it and then forgot to update it because I got caught up in other things. I know... it's called a life!

Anyway, I decided that yangix doesn't really mean anything and since it's a combination of two words I sort of left behind in a different part of my life... I decided to go back to an old nickname. I was once called "Bug" as a small child. The drivel is just something I added to show I like to talk a lot (or slobber... I haven't decided).

Sorry for the confusion going from Phoenix to yangix to bugdrivel. It's done now!
So glad to hear from you! I will update the link to your site.

You know...this is weird, in Michal Moores "Roger and Me" he interviews a man and woman with a child, the man had gotten laid off from GM. They mom says the name of their little girl, and the dad says, "I call her Bug." That's wasn't you was it? And Just for cover, I'd never admit being in a Moore film either. :-)
Ahem... no, that wasn't me. :-P

Besides, it was my mother who called me that, not my dad. And if you ever see me in a Moore film, I better be hanging from my neck in protest if the next presidential election goes left.
I figuered it was a long shot, but how many people are nicknamed Bug? Well, on second thought, maybe it's more common than I'd originally thought.

HA....if you ever see me in a Moore film, I better be hanging from my neck in protest if the next presidential election goes left.

I sure don't wanna see you hanging from your neck, my friend. Maybe you could "pie" The Fat Bastard. He's probably one celeb who would look forward to being "pied".

Thanks for the laugh and visiting. Oh, and hey, thank you very much for including me in your blogroll!
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